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Dr. Maria Georgiou Shippi. Chartered Psychologist

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La Inocente Curandera offers online and/or in-person confidential therapy for the below services.

Individual Therapy

In person and/or online and confidential therapy.

Consulting / Coaching

Answering questions of how to plan ways forward.   


Expert Talks

Seminars and team learning activities.


Assessments and Reports

Assessments and reports can be provided upod request.

An Introduction to me and my practice

I am a charted counselling psychologist and believe that the key for successful therapy is the cooperation between clients (you) and myself. I aim to promote honest conversations regarding your needs, goals and aims, along with my ability to help you meet these.

If we are to accept the popular separation between the heart and the mind, I invite you to consider our work together as aiming to bridge the gap between the two. Exploring both could prove insightful, and maybe we could try this together.


I have completed a doctorate in counselling psychology and helped clients to address a range of difficulties. For the past few years, I have worked to tackle and alleviate psychological distress arising from chronic pain and physical difficulties; trauma; and interpersonal difficulties, while promoting general and positive life changes.

Special factors unique to me and my practice:

I believe that words are useful in explaining our inner experiences, and that at times they fail to do so.  As a result, I often use image-work. This means that at times I explain my thinking and experiences using images and metaphors, and I might ask you to try it.

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