About La Inocente Curandera

About My Practice

La inocente is the name often given to a curandera healer, one who heals others of injury and harm. To be an innocent means to be able to see clearly what is the matter and to mend it. These are the powerful ideas behind innocence. It is considered not only an attitude about avoiding harm to others or self but also an ability to mend and restore oneself (and others). Think of it.What a boon to all the cycles of loving. ” (Estes, 2008).

This is the notion which bests describes Maria’s practice and aims of interventions. Essentially why she does what she does, and why she doesn’t do what she doesn’t. Read on, for more information, and please let Maria know if there is anything (anything at all) which you would like clarified.


Maria works with the belief that we do not exist in isolation, thereby our well-being is influenced by biological, social and psychological elements in our daily life. Thereby, Maria pays attention to all the forces that seem to have a pull on you. This is beneficial in decreasing self-blame regarding your situation, increasing adaptive behaviours, and planning methods and procedures you could use which are specifically tailored to your circumstances.

Our Story

Dr.Maria Georgiou Shippi
Accredited Counselling Psychologist

Maria completed her professional qualifications in the UK, and graduated with a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University. Having worked in various settings and organisations, she developed a passion for realistic interventions which translate well into action. Due to this, she began exploring e-therapy which is a therapeutic approach utilising modern technology to reach people regardless of their geographical location and time availability. Because of professional and personal links in the UK and Cyprus (EU), Maria recently relocated to Cyprus, and travels between the two often. Thus, she is able to combine working both face to face and over the internet with clients in the UK, Cyprus and abroad.

Philosophy in doing therapy

Maria holds people in high esteem, and strives to promote positive changes. She believes that you hold valuable insight regarding what works for you and keeps your wishes in the forefront of her work.

She is flexible in her approach regarding personal therapy, which is assisted by training in different therapeutic modalities. Maria opts to use therapeutic styles and interventions which have been proven to be effective for specific elements of psychological distress. Therefore, she is able to offer clients, companies and groups specific approaches that have been proven to work.

Maria strives to maintain honest and respectful relationships  with  her clients. Therefore, she will be sharing with you her capability of helping you meet your goals, and discuss with you alternative avenues of help from the first session.


Using an online platform for therapy

I really valued and enjoyed the online platform. The main benefit of online therapy for me was accessibility and ease. It can be really difficult to find a reputable and suitably qualified therapist without a giant waiting list. This online approach and the BPS endorsement effectively addresses the usual barriers to accessing great psychological services. The video quality etc was all excellent.

The only issue I experienced was that it can actually be difficult to find a truly private space to use the online platform, e.g. during the workday.

Booking sessions for online therapy

No issues at all, easy email correspondence for booking.

Personal experience of being in an online session

Yes I absolutely felt heard.

I believe I was mostly understood but when you don’t necessarily understand yourself, that’s a bit harder to say!

I think that the solutions and style of questioning Maria uses helped me to feel heard and understood.

Achievements made possible by online/therapy

The result was that, with time and a lot of daily personal work, I overcame a period of intense panic and anxiety.

I have learned simple and effective skills to better understand and cope with my response to stress that have greatly improved my mental health and quality of life.

It definitely took time for me to really implement the strategies Maria suggested, so I suppose I learned that ultimately, it’s up to me.

Recommendations and preferences

It was hard to put time aside to digest the homework etc that Maria did give me so although I would like to know more and engage more, e.g. with the resources she shared, I don’t know if I actually would. I don’t think I would have liked anything different about the actual sessions.