An open letter to all,

I am a psychologist who actively wonders, reflects and re-evaluates my moment to moment experiences and beliefs.

I am also a person- yeah, I know big news, right?!

I am a person who has relationships, disappointments, and moments of doubting my own beliefs and stand points. I strive to experience small and big victories, and I get excited when experiencing Aha moments!!

Be prepared for some honest sharing of my stream of consciousness. Hopefully, this will provide some food for thought.

I tend to think using images and metaphors. I invite you to consider that gathering information, analysing patterns and situations, and reaching conclusions flows just like a stream. A stream of consciousness which has fluctuating momentum and a driving force. It is influenced by its environment i.e. rocks, hills, obstacles, pre-existing paths, while also influencing its environment-good old erosion and pebbles drifting in the draft.

I must stress this will not involve specifics of my client work, according to confidentiality and anonymity aspect of psychological therapy. I intend to share experiences that move me in all directions, promote my awareness, and inspire me.

Watch this space.

Warm wishes,

From me, to you.