Have you noticed how certain flowers only open themselves up when touched by sunlight?

Wellbeing and humanity function on similar principles. We flourish under the appropriate stimulation.

  • What is your sunshine made of?

Essentially, this question urges you to explore what you need to promote such flourishing for yourself.

  • What do you need to make this happen?

What you might need could be made up of elements that involve you, and elements that involve you being in a relationship with others. For example, time to discover what you need, time alone or time with loved ones, support from a friend, finding a mentor, staying organised. Once you’ve discovered what makes up your sunshine, consider:

  • Keep your sunshine, shining: How can you make this happen?

How can you make these things happen for you consecutively? Elements involving yourself might need some planning. Elements involving yourself in relation to others, might involve learning how to voice your needs and ask others to help you meet them.

For example, if I need space to create, I need to plan it into my day. This could seem silly, but how often do you find yourself being uninterrupted? Phones ring, notifications are turned on, emails pop. The list of modern interruptions is endless.

If my needs include the involvement of others, then asking for what we need is the key! If I need quality time with my partner then I need to tell him/her. If am feeling professionally isolated especially in these times of physical and social isolation, I again need to act by letting others know what it is that I need. Action is better taken before the problem becomes unbearable.