Principles of Work

What we do and why we do it?

In therapy, “point 0” is never the starting point.

As Dr. Seuss wisely wrote: “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose”. Imagine you have a tool/skills box. Although it might be lacking some tools for what you are dealing with now, you can use mine until we add more to your skill set and service the one’s you’ve worn down. If you choose so, I can help you clear a space for more effective and efficient tools.

Therapy is a safe space with no boxes you’ll need to fit into.

This might sound strange as in daily life we all have roles we try to fit into. These roles have specific characteristics, benefits and requirements. For example, I am one, but I am many. I am a person, a woman, a life partner to my dear husband, a daughter to 2 different people, a sister, a friend. The list is endless. In all these relationships people have expectations of me and I of them. In therapy, there are no boxes you’ll need to fit into. It is a space we make your own by individualising it to match “you”.

Choose to feel! Emotions are neither positive nor negative.

They are signals pointing our attention to what needs to be understood.  We make sense of these together, and I promise that in this exploration I will keep my eyes open, while you might keep yours shut. Given time, you will be taking glimpses, and soon enough, with your eyes wide open, we will discover the answers and the way to go.

Humans do not exist in isolation.

We exist while being connected or disconnected from others, but always in relationships. As such, we are moved and we move our world in different directions by our feelings, behaviours, thoughts, the way we form and end relationships, what we believe in and our bodies. Our bodies that carry us around and give us so much more than feet to walk with. All of these, make you, you, and are explored in therapy.

People cannot break, and thus are never broken.

You might feel broken, by all the weight that you’ve been carrying. I can hold your burden safely and respectfully. I will not look at it until you are ready. In the meantime, you get a chance to breath in and out with more ease. You might have ideas about how your burden gains weight and how it can be lightened. Soon your burden will feel lighter and lighter. You might choose to carry all that you did before but are now stronger. You might choose to only carry what is meaningful to you.

There are many ways of responding to a problem.

How many times have you been faced with options, but you can’t seem to steer yourself to a direction?  At times, like ice-cream flavours, choices are welcomed. At times, the same scenario feels daunting. We will be dealing with this together and by the end choices will fade out, perk up, be combined, created and discovered.